About Us

A Networking and Security Focus

Network Performance has been hooked on networking and security since 1988, eating, sleeping, and breathing this technology because we have a passion for it. Sure, we've had opportunities to go off in other directions, but nothing grabs us like the plumbing and protection of a network. Our security culture permeates everything we do: every recommendation we make, every setting we adjust.

A Seasoned Staff

Your network and security systems are critical to your operations – you can't afford to have a "green" technician stumbling around with your important functions. We don't hire inexperienced technicians. We put all applicants through a rigorous screening test and insist they be certified in the products they service. Fortunately, we don't have to hire new people very often. Our staff is extremely stable and stays with us far beyond the industry average. Learn More About Our Team

Services That Deliver

Our services are extremely flexible because we know that your business is different from every other business in the world. We offer contract and a la carte services for everything from network audits, security upgrades, server installations, and complex migrations to the complete outsourcing of your IT function. Learn More About Our Services

Successful Project Management

We know that running a project well is a job in and of itself. Our project leaders are trained to see the big picture as well as the picky details, and to closely communicate with the implementation team from the various services involved (hardware, ISP, riggers, etc.). We use one of the best project management software packages in the industry, which enables everyone involved to track each phase of a project, from initial ideas, to the inventory of parts and diagrams, to the final customer survey. Learn More About How We Work