How We Work



NPI recruits, hires, and manages highly skilled professionals with years of experience, not just paper certifications.

Our people will:

  • Take the time to explain technical terms and give you regular status reports in plain English
  • Anticipate and plan for the organizational side effects of IT projects
  • Share the useful technical details


Our well-refined project management process enables us to deliver speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness on every project.

Our process will:

  • Assign the best technical team to match the requirements of your situation
  • Communicate all the details and schedules in a timely fashion so you stay well informed
  • Provide plenty of lead time to help minimize disruption to your business


NPI has invested in a robust toolset for client support. In addition to our integrated client service system, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic, management and reporting tools.

Our toolbox includes:

  • Technical tools to shape bandwidth, certify cable, analyze traffic, and test security
  • Network management reports to track and optimize systems
  • Remote access tools to ensure faster response times and problem resolution
  • A secure client portal to keep you informed of project details