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Shopping for a technology partner can be painful.  Leaving the status quo of your current vendor–no matter how much they’ve disappointed you—is hard to do.  I’ve heard amazing stories of technology maintenance errors that have been totally forgiven, simply because of the misperception that changing vendors is hard to do.  Has your business outgrown the […]


There is no doubt that technology benefits a slew of industries, from professional services to manufacturing to healthcare. Technology allows employees to access information from anywhere and to easily upload it, increasing the ease of data collection. But without proper management, technology’s potential diminishes. In my opinion, most companies that monitor and manage IT networks […]


It’s a fact: employees lose hours of productivity per year due to various computer issues.  C-level managers rarely hear about these problems from the rank & file and the HR department typically doesn’t insert themselves into technology discussions.  But when work is delayed because of a spinning disc on the screen, those hours add up […]


Is BYOD right for your company?

- September 9, 2016

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) era has transformed the way that companies communicate with customers, vendors and stakeholders. One way BYOD can positively impact a company’s bottom line is that employees often assume the cost of hardware.  They typically prefer to pick the device they want to use rather than the company standard. Another benefit […]


As the workplace evolves, so does the ability to provide motivation to the employee and tracking for the employer. Wearable Technology has many potential applications from encouraging employees to improve their fitness to monitoring their work habits.  What are some of the pros and cons of this new trend for small businesses as related to security, […]

Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything

- August 18, 2016

Timing is everything: this holds true for choosing a new Technology Management partner. Perhaps you have wondered for some time whether or not your business would be better served by an alternative support model or an alternative support vendor. It can feel overwhelming to consider such a change but it is not that difficult for […]

Iceberg blog 1

So many business managers and owners I meet say that their in-house IT person has all their tech needs “covered”.  When I probe a bit further I usually discover that their definition of “covered” is far from complete.  In some cases they’ve found a talented professional who is equally comfortable with everything from servers to […]

The DNC, Russia blog

Almost every bit of the press coverage around the recent hack of the DNC computer network revolves around politics and Russia.  The story usually focuses on who might have done the hacking and what information they might have retrieved. But for me, as a long-time small business technology consultant, the bigger story is about why […]

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I came to Vermont back in 1967 because I just plain fell in love with the Green Mountains.  Once I started hiking the lush rolling hills and experiencing the breathtaking vistas I was hooked for life.  This 50-year love affair with Vermont has endured and my strong attraction to this special place keeps growing.  Even […]

Mr. Robot Blog

Today’s C-level executives would be wise to watch a few episodes of the USA network hit series Mr. Robot.  The technology details in the show are provided by a security expert, former hacker Kor Adana.  He recently provided 10 insightful ways to avoid being attacked. Mr. Robot is one of the most accurate cybersecurity shows […]