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Today’s C-level executives would be wise to watch a few episodes of the USA network hit series Mr. Robot.  The technology details in the show are provided by a security expert, former hacker Kor Adana.  He recently provided 10 insightful ways to avoid being attacked. Mr. Robot is one of the most accurate cybersecurity shows […]

Fulcrum for Linkedin

Technology investments act like a stock portfolio, so a systematic approach to executing technology initiatives will result in excellent returns resulting in a strong linkage between financial goals and technology performance.  L = (A O)K – R Applications*Operational Excellence)Knowledge – Risk Technology Leverage is the result of Applications aligned to business goals then multiplied by […]

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Business leaders spend little time thinking about Operating Systems (OS) because they usually fall within the domain of the IT department.  However, this July happens to be one of the few times when C-level executives might also want to pay attention to this investment. Why?  Because most Microsoft computers running an older version of Windows […]

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Today’s employees virtually live on their mobile devices — not just during the work day but well beyond — from virtually anywhere on the planet. I’ve noticed that about half of Vermont’s employees use their personal devices for business email and many use it for other company business as well. Because mobile devices have become […]

Summit Tech Blog

The Vermont Chamber Business & Industry EXPO is the region’s largest business-to-business trade show and is organized by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. This year’s annual event hosted nearly 200 exhibitors, showcasing the latest in cutting edge products and services for the 3,000 business people who visit the two-day show. Summit Technologies, a Vermont-based provider of advanced […]


A backup/disaster recovery plan (BDR) includes the safe storage and retrieval of data to protect against disruptive events. The typical BDR plan includes a strategy to ensure the recovery of data when events such as power surges, natural disasters and sudden equipment failure occur without warning.  However, I have found that most BDR plans don’t […]

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Technology ROI Demystified

- June 14, 2016

Every successful business needs to calculate their technology ROI (return on investment) and make adjustments when these investments underperform.  Calculating technology ROI will give a rough measurement of productivity as complex technology may even decrease productivity if incorrectly implemented. Breakthroughs such as mobile technologies can provide a productivity boost by accelerating work cycles and improving […]

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Nick Blog #1

CFOs find there are a wide variety of technology support options available today. When looking for support options, it is important to understand the subtle difference and to set the proper expectations for one of the most important service relationships for successful business today. Break / Fix Model: This is the traditional model of technology support. […]

LI Post Baking Tech Strat into Biz Plans

High performing C-level executives know that baking technology strategies into their business plan leads to greater success. They understand that strategic technology purchases will allow the company to operate more efficiently which points to improved revenue growth. Also, by budgeting for key technology improvements in all aspects of the business plan, the “surprise” factor is […]