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There is no doubt that business executives dealing with Information Technology have more than a few frustrations. That’s why we’ve identified five of the more frustrating aspects of Technology Management along with some suggestions for dealing with them. Successful use of technology will generate great benefits for a business. Frustration 1: IT is complicated. This […]

Many thanks to Nick Hinge, Director of Client Technology, for this thoughtful piece. My life has changed dramatically over these last two years. In the spring of 2016, we welcomed a baby girl into the world and this spring, we welcomed our new baby boy. Then we decided to move down the road into a […]

Smart business owners know that improving their computer systems keeps them competitive. These changes are often undertaken to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.  While it’s unlikely that management will perform the actual processes, it is helpful for them to understand their choices. Three terms that are used to describe these changes are Upgrade, […]

Competitive businesses can get ahead of the curve using technology to save on costs, improve employee and customer communication and prevent expensive errors.  Getting and keeping the staff up to date on all of the changes is incredibly difficult, but failing to do so can hurt employee productivity and customer satisfaction—two areas that need a […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the phenomenon of connecting devices to the internet in order to send and receive data. While the IoT promises a future of convenience and control at home, it also presents office challenges that outpace the current body of employment law. For example, security badges can track your location […]

 First published in Business People-Vermont in July 2017   Office workers can benefit by paying attention to their manufacturing counterparts when it comes to examining workflow to improve operations and efficiencies. The manufacturing world calls this “Lean” thinking and, for knowledge workers, this starts with an analysis of the paper or electronic files that flow through the […]

The general perception is that only large businesses have vulnerabilities to cyber breaches. In truth, small businesses are just as much of a target as large corporations.  Hackers know that smaller businesses don’t invest as heavily in security or stay informed about the latest exploits. And, best of all, they typically have a treasure trove […]

Many thanks to NPI’s controller Mary Lowder, CFE for this article. Any private data your business possesses, company and personal, can be predisposed to fraud. Is your organization prepared for fallout from its loss? We are talking about your clients’, customers’ and employees’ classified, confidential, and personal data.  Keep in mind that losing data can […]

12/31/17 – The latest date that contractors and subcontractors can continue to maintain and receive new defense related work unless certified for the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clause 252.204-7008 requirements about protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). 10/1/17 – Contractors and subcontractors receiving awards before this date must report their status within 30 days […]

Michael has joined NPI as a summer intern. He is a Computer Information Technology student at Champlain College. His duties include working closely with senior technicians, evaluation of new product and service options and assisting at on-site client visits. We are thrilled to add Michael to the team!