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Many thanks to NPI’s controller Mary Lowder, CFE for this article. Any private data your business possesses, company and personal, can be predisposed to fraud. Is your organization prepared for fallout from its loss? We are talking about your clients’, customers’ and employees’ classified, confidential, and personal data.  Keep in mind that losing data can […]

12/31/17 – The latest date that contractors and subcontractors can continue to maintain and receive new defense related work unless certified for the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clause 252.204-7008 requirements about protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). 10/1/17 – Contractors and subcontractors receiving awards before this date must report their status within 30 days […]

Michael has joined NPI as a summer intern. He is a Computer Information Technology student at Champlain College. His duties include working closely with senior technicians, evaluation of new product and service options and assisting at on-site client visits. We are thrilled to add Michael to the team!

IT audits are one of many tools to help manage risk and identify areas of your business that are not only open to vulnerabilities but also can be further improved and protected. Consider an IT audit as a litmus test to improve overall accountability.  Auditors provide independent and objective statements of key measurements that illuminate […]

All businesses–regardless of size–have a digital presence. This mandates that both mundane and mission critical data must be regularly backed up and ready for recovery at the drop of a hat. Whether it is manged in-house or outsourced business owners and financial managers don’t always know what data is backed up, how often it’s backed […]

The WannaCry ransomware attack ended up causing tens of millions of dollars of damage when it encrypted important data at business, hospitals and government offices around the world.  Unfortunately, many of the victims are to blame in this case because they fell for a phishing message that attacked systems that were not properly updated. This […]

If you try doing a Google search for “are trade shows dead?” you will find pages of articles discussing the relevance of a face-to-face event in a world where the internet provides all the information you would ever need to know about a product or service. Contrary to the pundits, I still believe that Expos […]

Arrest bogus wire fraud

- May 11, 2017

Business owners are seeing a huge increase in attempted wire fraud.  The FBI reports that this problem has cost companies billions of dollars in the last few years.  The number of wire transfers has significantly increased in the last 15 years and, sadly, one in four victims actually transfers money to thieves. Targeted email phishing […]

When the subject of security comes up, most businesses focus on their everyday devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. More often than not, printers are completely ignored. It is for this very reason that printers are an attractive target for cybercriminals.  Modern network- connected printers feature a processor, memory, storage and even a […]

Even the smallest of businesses is drowning in a sea of electronic files stored on their network or in the Cloud.  Unfortunately workers often don’t know what information they have, how to find individual items and even which data is the most critical.  If they rarely delete or archive files, electronic clutter will continue to […]