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A backup/disaster recovery plan (BDR) includes the safe storage and retrieval of data to protect against disruptive events. The typical BDR plan includes a strategy to ensure the recovery of data when events such as power surges, natural disasters and sudden equipment failure occur without warning.  However, I have found that most BDR plans don’t […]

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Technology ROI Demystified

- June 14, 2016

Every successful business needs to calculate their technology ROI (return on investment) and make adjustments when these investments underperform.  Calculating technology ROI will give a rough measurement of productivity as complex technology may even decrease productivity if incorrectly implemented. Breakthroughs such as mobile technologies can provide a productivity boost by accelerating work cycles and improving […]

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Nick Blog #1

CFOs find there are a wide variety of technology support options available today. When looking for support options, it is important to understand the subtle difference and to set the proper expectations for one of the most important service relationships for successful business today. Break / Fix Model: This is the traditional model of technology support. […]

LI Post Baking Tech Strat into Biz Plans

High performing C-level executives know that baking technology strategies into their business plan leads to greater success. They understand that strategic technology purchases will allow the company to operate more efficiently which points to improved revenue growth. Also, by budgeting for key technology improvements in all aspects of the business plan, the “surprise” factor is […]


Last summer I heard that the Vermont legislature wanted to form a special committee of non-government business leaders to review the concerns legislative leaders face when considering the funding and execution of large information technology projects.  The legislative leaders needed a better understanding of how to vet funding requests and manage the various costs associated […]

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Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Vermont Technology Alliance (vtTA).  If your business isn’t in the tech sector it’s possible you aren’t familiar with this nonprofit that serves as the voice of Vermont technology.  Or maybe you know about it and think it’s for a bunch of scientists and techies who gather for geek […]


There is absolutely nothing nicer than a fresh warm spring day spent fly fishing in a burbling Vermont stream. One of my favorite experiences happened last year on the Dog River, one of Vermont’s finest trout streams with an abundant population of brook and brown trout. My morning started full of beautiful scenery but very […]

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Beware of innocent-looking emails appearing to come from trusted employees or vendors. All too often CxOs are but a click away from a malware infection. All employees are now vulnerable to this trickery as hackers have put a special emphasis on human resources and finance departments. Looking to steal financial information, hackers now use data […]

Mike Block Final

Congratulations to Mike Block who completed the process to become a DCAT technician.  He joins Michelle Loveday, also on the Canopy Team, who received her certification last fall.  This training certifies advanced achievement in the area of backup and disaster recovery for NPI clients.