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Technology evolution continues to improve workplace wellbeing.  Many businesses already took the first step through the addition of ergonomic furniture such as standing desks and furniture specifically designed to keep backs and necks comfortable. But has your office considered some additional new technologies to improve workplace wellness this year? With technology advancing so rapidly there are […]

In an increasingly digital world, data liability is a bigger concern than ever before. Not convinced?  Take a look at this 2016 data breach report  from the Identity Theft Resource Center. At 203 pages it provides compelling evidence that non-profits, schools and businesses of all sizes are in the cyberthieves’ cross-hairs. Unfortunately, too many small […]

Most IT service companies claim to be Managed Service Providers (MSP) but beware….not all vendors really “walk the walk”.  When it comes down to it, there is significant variation from one MSP to the next. For many, the only determinant is whether or not there is a monthly fee associated with service delivery.  The old […]

We are in the LL Bean Catalog

- January 5, 2017

We are honored to have a page in the Direct to Business early spring catalog.  The staff loves their polos!

In January business owners look back at the previous year, count up the numbers and ponder financial ratios.  This attempt at reading the “tea leaves” is to understand the relationship between investments, sales growth, operations and profit.  Most businesses experience technology as a rapidly growing investment category that can seem like an endless pit of […]

Making New Year’s resolutions is a long running tradition for many people.  Typically, a resolution involves a promise or commitment to improve (be more fit, save money, etc.).  Polls indicate that between 40-50% of Americans make resolutions but only 12% actually keep them. Most people are sincere in their commitment to keep a promise but […]

We chose the Sexual Assault Crisis Team of Washington County as a recipient of a holiday donation.  Their goal is to provide gender inclusive comprehensive services to victims/survivors of sexual violence.  This includes an emergency shelter, transitional housing, prevention education, support groups and much more. Please consider joining us in making a contribution to them.  […]

Would you buy a car with bad brakes and drive it until they failed?  Who would buy a home and ignore serious flaws by skipping an inspection?  If not, then why would you partner with a technology services vendor that agrees to take on your technology “as is”? During initial discussions with a prospective client, […]

Lamoille Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), Cybersecurity for Small Business  

For companies located in colder climates, winter storms may range from a moderate snow in a short amount of time to a blizzard lasting for days. Some storms are regional and affect several states while others are more localized, depending upon geography and terrain. Business owners and managers typically have contingency plans for the staff […]