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According to Computer Weekly, as many as 70% of mergers and acquisitions have substantial difficulty and often lose market share in the first year.  Very often a key factor in the failure or success of the merger comes down to integrating the technology of the two entities. Despite the seemingly obvious importance of technology to […]

Executives face a variety of potential technology disruptions that can impact the productivity of even their most experienced knowledge workers.  It takes great agility to adapt to the fast-changing technical landscape while also keeping daily operations running smoothly. Many businesses track productivity by measuring system uptime and downtime. But measuring the operational condition of the […]

Business owners and Managers often rely on their technical staff to take the lead on complex technology changes.  It is important for financial decision makers to understand the costs and strategies associated with the bigger technology changes such as moving to the Cloud. The Cloud has been growing at a rapid pace for several years […]

I have a great appreciation for how difficult hockey can be: I broke my nose one of the first times I ever played the sport.  It was just a simple pickup game with neighborhood friends so nobody wore much equipment.  When an older boy lifted the puck, it quickly snapped my nose and took me […]

Inspecting the Future of Robotics

- February 16, 2017

Last weekend I added a new skill to my resume…Robot Inspector. I was helping out with the Vermont FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Tech Challenge as they held their 5th annual competition at Essex High School.  My role was to help students get through their Robot Inspections prior to the competition.  […]

As a member of top management in a successful business, you face a long list of important technology decisions. Do you upgrade local servers or migrate to the Cloud?  Should you open a new location or gear up for an influx of staffing at your existing offices?  These are some of the times that IT […]

The beginning of a new year always brings on a slew of business tech predictions. Here at NPI Technology Management we are following three-and-a-half key technology developments that have the potential to impact your employee satisfaction and revenue growth. These trends might seem simple, but they are expected to really pack a punch. CFOs need to […]

Today’s human resources professionals need to not only know how to engage organizational decision-makers around traditional HR matters, but must also be ready when the topic focuses on technology. When the conversation turns to the Cloud, upgrading mobile capabilities or deciding which technology management company to use, HR needs to be heavily involved. IT is […]

Technology evolution continues to improve workplace wellbeing.  Many businesses already took the first step through the addition of ergonomic furniture such as standing desks and furniture specifically designed to keep backs and necks comfortable. But has your office considered some additional new technologies to improve workplace wellness this year? With technology advancing so rapidly there are […]

In an increasingly digital world, data liability is a bigger concern than ever before. Not convinced?  Take a look at this 2016 data breach report  from the Identity Theft Resource Center. At 203 pages it provides compelling evidence that non-profits, schools and businesses of all sizes are in the cyberthieves’ cross-hairs. Unfortunately, too many small […]