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Business growth that requires a relocation is something C-level managers both love and hate.  They know that expansion will fuel revenue but with a multitude of things to plan and execute, the process to get there is daunting. One larger concern may be the addition of new technology to enhance competition in the big leagues. […]


7 Tech Terms CFOs Should Know

- November 28, 2016

It’s 9 am and you’re running late for a meeting with your IT manager. You know she’s going to be throwing around “techie” terms that make no sense and you haven’t even had time for coffee yet!  While we can’t get you the coffee, we can give you a crib sheet of technical terms and […]

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The rapid growth of Cloud-based solutions has led many companies to jump right in to take advantage of the benefits offered by moving certain functions offsite.  Some businesses, however, have rushed key operational functions into the Cloud and are now experiencing some difficulties. This trend becomes apparent when each component is placed in the Cloud […]


As the 2017 calendar year approaches quickly, many business leaders will be tasked with putting together a technology budget. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Managing End of Life: Keep an eye on the end-of-life dates for your hardware and software. If your firewall is going out of support or if your […]


It’s Monday morning…and you’ve just given the staff one of your best pep talks to date. There’s a lot of work to be done and the team is motivated and ready to go. You send everyone out the door with a smile and a reassuring pat on the back. It’s going to be a productive […]


A recent cyberattack on Dyn in Manchester, New Hampshire prevented people from accessing some of the world’s busiest websites including Twitter, Spotify, Amazon and The New York Times and the attackers remotely accessed household devices to do it. Cybersecurity expert John Burton of NPI is here to explain and give us advice on how to […]


Walk through any office today and much of the action takes place around people interacting with applications.    It may be happening at their desk, on a mobile device or even with a group collaborating around a large monitor.  Given the high importance of these two elements of the business, the smart executive should continually improve […]


Whether your company has just one outside road warrior or a fleet of travelling workers, it is imperative to manage their mobile technology wisely.  Not only will they will be more productive but also your company data will remain secure when everything is correctly managed while on the road.  If your field people are not […]


Savvy business leaders identify and control key risks.  This is even more important in the area of technology as it is embedded in all aspects of every daily transaction.  Surprisingly, many C-level executives seem to never quite find the time or resources to deal with this issue and end up with an event that puts […]


This summer I fully ruptured my Achilles tendon while unsuccessfully navigating rocky, challenging terrain on a mountain bike. Fortunately, I am well on my way through a long recovery. The injury felt like a complete fluke as I never would have considered I would get hurt while trying to step off a bike. Before that […]