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Last summer I heard that the Vermont legislature wanted to form a special committee of non-government business leaders to review the concerns legislative leaders face when considering the funding and execution of large information technology projects.  The legislative leaders needed a better understanding of how to vet funding requests and manage the various costs associated […]

VTTA blog

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Vermont Technology Alliance (vtTA).  If your business isn’t in the tech sector it’s possible you aren’t familiar with this nonprofit that serves as the voice of Vermont technology.  Or maybe you know about it and think it’s for a bunch of scientists and techies who gather for geek […]


There is absolutely nothing nicer than a fresh warm spring day spent fly fishing in a burbling Vermont stream. One of my favorite experiences happened last year on the Dog River, one of Vermont’s finest trout streams with an abundant population of brook and brown trout. My morning started full of beautiful scenery but very […]

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Beware of innocent-looking emails appearing to come from trusted employees or vendors. All too often CxOs are but a click away from a malware infection. All employees are now vulnerable to this trickery as hackers have put a special emphasis on human resources and finance departments. Looking to steal financial information, hackers now use data […]

Mike Block Final

Congratulations to Mike Block who completed the process to become a DCAT technician.  He joins Michelle Loveday, also on the Canopy Team, who received her certification last fall.  This training certifies advanced achievement in the area of backup and disaster recovery for NPI clients.

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I regularly talk to businesses that have technical problems due to out-of-support devices, unresolved data wiring and other deferred maintenance issues. The “technical debt” they have accrued over years of inattention can be formidable. Sub-optimal servers, old computers and legacy applications are a prime cause of technical debt. For example, employees earning $25 an hour […]

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Quick….what sector has generated more Vermont jobs and wages in the past decade? Is it the food industry that produces great ice cream, cheese, coffee, beer and maple syrup?  Is it tourism and recreation? How about higher education? The answer is Technology. Every owner or manager of a thriving business needs to pay attention to […]


NPI Technology Management will be one of the presenters at the Spring 2016 Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Conference.  John Burton, president, assisted by business development coordinator Dawn McGinnis, will moderate a round table discussion.  This sustainable technology workshop will feature several Vermont business leaders and an interactive format.

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When it comes to business continuity, it’s important to hope for the best but plan for the worst. This is especially important when it comes to older systems and older ways of doing business because these are the areas likely to have problems during an outage event. When an interruption happens, supply chain partners clamor […]


John Burton talks about World Backup Day and the importance of regular data backups.