Network Design

Networking for success

Most businesses lack the time or expertise to design a computer network that will meet their needs both today and well into the future. Of course, the devil is in the details: How much storage capacity will you need to add over time, how will you back up your data, and how will you protect against a system failure? Should you use managed or unmanaged switches? How do the many firewalls available in the marketplace compare? Is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) the answer to your remote access needs?

It's far more cost-effective to use an advisor with experience in computer networking to usher you through the confusing maze of designing your Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). Hiring an NPI network designer can ensure that the significant investment you are about to make is a smart one, and that there will be minimal business disruption during and after the installation.

When you need a design partner, not just a salesperson

Our experts work closely with you to design all the details you'll need to start building and securing your internal LAN or external WAN. This includes a comprehensive set of products, procedures, and tasks that lead to a complete solution to meet your business needs. We start with a complete inventory of your existing systems and create a detailed Visio diagram to keep everyone on the same page. We then develop a written design document that spells out every feature and function right down to the estimated costs and parts list. Some people design networks on the back of an envelope, but not us. Partnering with you, we use a structured project development process that reveals all the options and issues related to various design possibilities. Then we work with you to narrow these options to a final design that will best meet your business objectives now and in the future.

A process that produces results

We start by meeting with you to determine your business needs and technology requirements.

We gather and evaluate all of the viable technology options. We know the technologies that help businesses communicate better, work more efficiently, and get better throughput. We recommend the best alternative to strengthen your network design.

We develop a step-by-step plan. Sequencing is critical for successfully installing a new network, so we spend time painstakingly walking through the timing, order, and ramifications of the steps.

The draft plan is reviewed by multiple NPI technicians who provide input based on their field experience with the products, the maintenance on various components, the integration between technologies, and the shelf life of the solution. Our goal is to consider all the elusive issues that may affect the long-term success of your design.

The deliverable is a comprehensive document that includes the network design; diagrams; details of all the necessary components (down to the manufacturers' part numbers); a fine-tuned schedule of activities; a list of the technical skills needed to accomplish the tasks; and a timeline to complete the configuration, installation, and testing.

How you benefit

You receive a clear description and recommendation of what technology best meets your business needs and a roadmap to reach your goal. You gain a clear understanding of what hardware will function best with your software applications, your Internet provider, and your security system with the speed, performance, and reliability you demand. You get a complete list of necessary hardware components, including costs, ready for you to order. The comprehensive implementation plan and detailed diagram we provide of each site, server, communications device, and telecommunications line give you a complete picture of your future network.

Our expertise

NPI has been designing and developing networks since 1988. We are the premier computer networking company in the region, working with all kinds of businesses-from those with small single-server networks to those with complex multiserver enterprise environments. Our technicians hold certifications from all of the major vendors, such as Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, Check Point, and Cisco. While making emergency service calls every day to businesses with networks that are underpowered, unprotected, or incorrectly configured, we have refined our procedures to anticipate problems, maintaining and monitoring networks for optimal, reliable performance. We recommend only "best-of-breed" products and strive to stay on top of this ever-changing technical environment.