A spam blocking service that works

Industry research shows that many employees now spend hours a month deleting spam from their e-mail inbox. Many of these unwanted, unsolicited e-mail messages contain deeply offensive content that reduces productivity and morale. Some of these spam messages may also contain viruses that can infect your network and cause harm to your business data or equipment. NPI's SpamRejector service stops 95 to 98 percent of all spam without delaying mail delivery. It is a hardened, fully secure turnkey spam solution that includes complete maintenance and support.

The best anti-spam solution available today

It took years of research and development for us to create a solution that met our stringent requirements.

Our criteria included:

  • a high spam detection rate
  • no loss of legitimate mail
  • individually customized blocking options
  • compatibility with all mail systems
  • total separation from and no performance effect on internal mail servers
  • ease in creating and administering blocking rules
  • invisibility to legitimate mail senders
  • a moderate price

SpamRejector meets and exceeds these criteria with a unique integration of state-of-the-art components.

The flexibility of site-specific options

SpamRejector's customizable, Web-based interface clearly improves upon the very limited number of settings and controls of other anti-spam options. Our configuration flexibility allows us to set your spam detection on a fine-tuned sliding scale. Control over these settings can be centrally administered, or individual users can control their own settings. For best performance, we install and refine the appliance at your site.

Selective blocking without any lost mail

SpamRejector loses no legitimate e-mail while rejecting the highest percentage of spam possible: up to 98 percent. Other anti-spam solutions, because they are limited to using non-aggressive settings in order to provide a "one size fits all" product, are not nearly as effective, typically blocking only 25 to 75 percent of spam. With SpamRejector, you are in control and can choose the settings that block the mail you don't want to receive. The end result is much more effective spam blocking tuned to the way you handle your business. With SpamRejector's incorporation of global and personal settings, your important clients, partners, and vendors can be assured that their e-mail will always get through. Plus, you have the option of reviewing all blocked e-mail while it sits in the suspected-spam queue.

Anti-virus scanning

SpamRejector can optionally scan e-mail for viruses. We use industry-leading virus-detection technology to perform daily automatic updates. We purposely use a different virus-detection technology than that commonly used for the rest of your network; this provides a "double safety net" to catch possible virus attacks.

Smooth implementation and support

Our implementation process analyzes the kinds of spam you receive and sets initial configuration options to begin safely blocking spam. Then we work with you to fine-tune the full settings to reach maximum potential for your mail service. We provide all updates, ongoing maintenance, and expedited emergency response at no additional charge.

Priced to fit within your budget

We are so confident about SpamRejector that we provide a free trial period for qualified businesses. Once you see this service in action, and the immense difference it can make for your mail system, you won't want to give it back. Ongoing support and customization are included in the low monthly price.

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Our areas of expertise

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