Seeing the forest through the trees

As networks and their security become increasingly complex, many business leaders have growing concerns that too much money and staff time are spent on Information Technology (IT) caretaking instead of on more strategic business projects. Our clients have been asking: Isn't there a way to improve the cost efficiencies of network upkeep and to even out expenses?

Now there is a better way

Canopy is a computer management and security service that reduces your administrative overhead while providing an up-to-date, stable, and secure network for your day-to-day operations. Canopy enables your business to outsource critical IT functions and to simplify the management of your IT infrastructure. It addresses your most pressing needs and fills the gaps left by traditional support arrangements.

To develop our Canopy support service, we searched high and low for the best remote management and monitoring tools available. If purchased separately, these software packages would have a cost beyond the reach of most small businesses. But we can offer their advanced capability for an affordable price by distributing the cost over our many clients. In addition to enabling us to monitor your network remotely, these tools, combined with our proactive systems management, provide automated alerts and event notification through our online incident system. What this means for you is fast access to certified experts in the event of a problem.

What's covered under the Canopy?

  • Year-round, 24-hour remote monitoring of servers, switches, routers, and firewalls
  • Patch management of servers and workstations
  • Critical updates of servers, workstations, routers, and switches
  • Software distribution to servers and workstations
  • Data backups of servers and workstations
  • Updates for all antivirus protection of servers and workstations
  • Spam filtering
  • Same-day emergency repair service on servers, workstations, routers, and switches
  • Remote access for diagnostics and repairs, which eliminates travel costs
  • Regular meetings to provide trend analyses and to discuss long-term system issues and needs

How you benefit

By enrolling in our Canopy support plan, your business will have access to features, functions, and security options that are usually available only to large enterprises. Removing system management, security responsibilities, and computer support services from the duties of your staff frees them up to focus on the other strategic needs of your organization. Your office will experience higher productivity through enhanced network stability and performance, a more reliable IT environment, improved asset management, cost predictability, and speedy repairs for key devices. The bottom line is an increased return on investment and improved quality of service, while your in-house staff focuses on adding new capabilities and helping users become more productive with existing systems.

Our expertise

You'll want to work closely with an established, trustworthy IT services partner to support your critical IT systems. Since 1988, NPI has built its reputation as a trusted technology advisor to many of the most successful businesses in the region-from those with single-server networks to those with complex multiserver enterprise environments. Our technicians hold coveted certifications from Microsoft, Check Point, Cisco, Novell, Citrix, RSA, and Juniper, among others. While making emergency service calls every day to businesses with networks that are underpowered, unprotected, or incorrectly configured, we have refined our procedures to anticipate problems, maintaining and monitoring networks for optimal, reliable performance. We recommend only "best-of-breed" products and strive to stay on top of this ever-changing technical environment.